About Us

Status Meds is a one-stop-shop solution for all your generic drug needs. Whether you are in search of an eye care solution or lifesaving drugs, viral care, or skincare, we cover it all. Status Meds is a reliable name in the pharmacy industry that has established itself as a well-grounded trader of generic drugs that too at an affordable price. 

We not only provide genuine and original generic medicines, but our team of professionals makes sure that you get your medicines timely at an affordable price. Online purchase of medicines comes with its own set of troubles, but not with Status Meds as we make sure that you get what you are paying for.

Quality Assurance

We at Statusmeds make sure that when you order from us you get your medicines on time with proper packaging and handling. With us, you do not need to bargain at over-the-top counters as we provide the same generic drug at an exceptional rate that fits your pocket without compromising on the quality. Our team of hardworking professionals ensures that each order gets executed with utmost endeavors and high precision. 

Unlike other online websites that lure you to buy cheap medicine at a high discount, we at Statusmeds provide one price no bargain that competes with the market and provide you with outstanding quality medicines. As responsible citizens, we thrive to make people live better with our knowledge and vision.

Lowest Price

Gone are the days when you’d have to go counter to counter to get the right generic drug at an affordable rate. With Status Meds you never have to pay more, as we purchase the medicines directly from the manufacturer and list here with all the prescription and care instructions so that you get the right medicine with all the details in one place. 

Prescription medicines are not cheap, that is why we work directly with the manufacturer to make sure that you get quality medicine that fits your budget. Although there should be no compromise with health when it comes to price, that is why we provide you with all the skincare, eye care, pain reliving, lifesaving drugs that are genuine and trusted all over the world for their proven results.


Even though you can buy anything that you wish for online, there’s always a trust issue with the first-time experience. The same goes for buying medicines online. With Status Meds your every single transaction is handled securely and carefully so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Our online platform adheres to all the necessary security protocols to ensure a safe and reliable payment mechanism. 

We do not save your personal information or identity to track you or give you annoying notifications. Our website uses the latest SSL certificate as a standard so that you do not have to worry about your transaction or theft of personal information. We use the security parameters per the industry standard to make sure you get a top-notch buying experience online.

Expansive Range of Medicines

At Statusmeds you can find a wide range of medicines, from lifesaving drugs to viral drugs. Our extensive list of medicines makes sure that you get a one-stop-shop solution without lurking around the web in search of the right medicine. All the medicines are genuine and reliably quality and rate. like careprost 3ml, Niltan cream, buy a ret gel 0.1% and A Ret HC Creams 15g

We do not endorse any medicine just for making money, our enthusiastic team of professionals deliberately finds the in-depth knowledge of medicine so that all your queries get answered. India manufactures one of the best quality medicines in the world that gets exported across the globe and we at Status Meds make sure that you get one without paying much.

Customer Support

Technology has made it possible to deliver what you wish for at your convenience. However, certain things require an understanding before buying out. We at Statusmeds ensures that our customer receives the top-notch customer service support for each order. Whether it is something regarding the medicines or their side-effects our team of professionals works enthusiastically to make sure you get satisfaction with each order. With our dedicated line, you can contact us or drop an email at your convenience. 

We love criticism and suggestions, that is why we not only allow our customers to give us their valuable feedback but also take action on them so that we can improve the overall buying experience for our customers. If you are still not sure or convinced about buying your first medicine online, then, head over to any section on the website and click on medicine. 

You will get a detailed description of each medicine with its effects and side effects in both short duration and long duration. Even after searching for all the details still, you have any doubt then, you can get in touch with one of our customer care representatives to solve your queries. 

Whether it is genuine medicine or secure payment, Status Meds covers it all and gives you an amazing buying experience that you cannot find elsewhere. Our medicines are genuine and we provide only original medicine. Buy online today and get your generic medicine delivered home.