Niltan Cream (Liquorice/Boswellia Serrata/Arbutin/Coriander Seed Oil)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Liquorice/Boswellia Serrata/Arbutin/Coriander Seed Oil


Skin whitening


Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd


15g in 1 Tube

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6 To 15 days

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Niltan Cream (Liquorice/Boswellia Serrata/Arbutin/Coriander Seed Oil) - Variation

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What is Niltan Cream?

Niltan cream is a potent skin medicine that has a wide application in treating skin related problems like Skin whitening, Skin lightening, Acne, Skin depigmenting, or Eczema etc. It is a multipurpose medicament that is also used for skin problems like photoaging of facial skin, ageing, inflammatory disorders, and acid reflux.

If you suffer from any such illness it is advised to seek advice from a physician and start treatment as soon as you can.It works on the core problem and whitens the skin and removes the unwanted acne from the skin naturally to provide you with a longer-lasting result. Niltan cream has a wide application in treating different skin problems.  It can also help in reducing inflammation and pain in the skin.

Niltan Cream uses the hybrid combination of different drugs in a single medicament to cure different skin problems. It is produced from India by the famous maker Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. Buy Niltan cream online at the best rate and gets genuine medicine online Status meds Pharma.

How does Niltan Cream Work?

Niltan cream uses a hybrid combination of different drugs i.e., Arbutin, Boswellia, Coriander seed oil and Liquorice extract to treat the different skin problems. Although it is primarily used as a skin whitening agent, it has a wide application. Each drug in the Niltan cream works differently and works on different problems to provide you with a longer-lasting result. It is considered an excellent remedy for whitening the skin.

While Liquorice has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the pigmentation of the skin. Boswellia works best for the tightening of the skin and removes wrinkle lines. Coriander seed oil treats the dryness of the skin by retaining the skin’s moisture for a longer duration. Together all the active ingredients work on different sets of problems and treat numerous skin problems with just one medication. 

It promotes the growth of good cells and represses the production of leukotriene. Thus, it treats the problem naturally and gives you a satisfactory result within a short span. It cures the photoaging of the facial skin and enhances the whitening of the skin naturally. It works well for Skin Care problems like erythema and eczema also.

How to Use Niltan Cream?

Niltan cream is an effective and potent skin remedy that provides you with the desired results in one or two weeks and also treats the issue naturally in the long term. However, unlike other medications, the application of Niltan cream is easy and convenient. Before starting the medication, it is advisable to consult the doctor for the same to get the desired result and to avoid any severe side effects.

Wash off the hands properly before applying the cream to your face. It is advisable to wash off the hands and face before applying the cream to clean the dust off the face and hands. Take the Niltan cream sachet and squeeze the cream gently on your fingertips. Now gently apply the cream to the affected area. Do not rub or massage the affected area and only apply like a thin layer. Once done, wash off your hands. 

Niltan cream is intended for external use only and you should avoid any direct contact with your eyes or mouth. In case you have touched the eyes, wash off the face properly as it might cause irritation and redness of the eyes. Always start the medication after consulting the doctor and in the prescribed dosage. Do not alter the dosage or overdose on your own. 

Side-Effects Niltan Cream

Niltan cream is a safe and potent skin medicament that is known for its wide application and for treating different types of skin problems naturally with minimal side effects. However, some commonly occurring side effects may or may not appear during the medication period. These side effects are in general form and tend to disappear in the long run as you normalize the usage. Some of the Niltan cream side-effects include.

  1. Headache
  2. Bleeding 
  3. Chills 
  4. Nausea 
  5. Itching sensation
  6. Irritation
  7. Redness of the skin
  8. Increased urination
  9. Excessive defecation

You may experience side effects other than those mentioned here. These side effects are not so severe and you may experience them for a short duration. However, if you experience any such side effects in extremity, then, stop the medication and consult the doctor on a priority basis. Buy Niltan cream online from us and get genuine medicine at the best rate. 

Precautions and Care

Niltan cream is a reliable and safe skin medicine that treats the problem with efficiency and naturally with minimal side effects. However, there are certain things that you can take care of during the medication period to get the most out of it. It is always advisable to consult the doctor before starting the medication. Always take the herbal supplements medicine in the prescribed dosage and never alter the dosage on your own.

Do not overdose for getting the quick results, as it is likely to cause adverse effects and harm you in the long run. You can apply the Niltan cream twice a day after washing off your face. Applying the cream twice a day at the same time every day will enhance the longevity of the result and will help you look fresh. Before applying the cream, it is always advisable to keep the skin dry and clean. 

Buy Niltan online from us and get genuine medicine at the best rate. Always consult the doctor and use it on a regular basis for getting prolonged results. 

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Is Niltan cream safe?

Niltan cream is a safe and reliable medicament that brings the desired result with minimal side effects. The active ingredient in the cream is medically tested and clinically approved before being made available to the general public. you can also check Nilatn Cream Reviews online. 

How frequently does side effects occurs?

The side effects are in general nature and may or may not appear during the medication period. Even if they occur then, it tends to disappear in the long run as the skin adapts to it.

Is it safe to use while doing attentive work?

It is not advisable to do any attentive work like driving as you might face a little burning sensation for a while. After 30-40 minutes of applying the cream, you can engage in any attentive work. 



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