Guarantee of Status Meds

Status Meds offers an industry-leading 100% guarantee to all the customers in case of any damaged products received or partial order fulfilled. At Statusmeds you do not have to worry about your money, as you can cancel your order if you are not sure about the type of medicine or want to consult a doctor before buying one. 

We offer a full refund back to the customer if they have received open packaging or damaged packaging with the damaged product. Our reshipment policy makes sure that you get your medicines timely at your convenience so that you do not have to repeatedly order the same medicine again and again. 

We generally initiate and complete the refund process within a week as banking transactions are affected by any holiday or delay in processing from the bank. But you can always raise a ticket for the same for your convenience through email. 

Statusmeds gives you timely updates regarding your full refund in case of cancellation of any order so that you can purchase medicines online without any worry. Statusmeds works to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with each order. 

Packaging and Handling

Statusmeds is a trusted name when it comes to buying generic medicines online at an affordable rate. While many players lurk you with a hefty discount, Status Meds offers genuine and safe generic medicines at an affordable rate. We process each order with the utmost care and precision so that you receive your important medicines in the first order with proper packaging. 

We use different types of packaging ranging from hard corrugated boxes to envelops packaging based on the type and quantity of the order. To make sure that you receive your medicines intact without any damage, we have partnered with the top-notch courier services that make sure that your package gets delivered on time with proper handling and care. 

In case you have received a damaged packaging with a damaged product or have received opened package, you can anytime return the same with a 100% guarantee of reshipment or refund as per the availability of the drug. Buy from Status Meds today and get your medicines delivered at home with our super-fast and reliable delivery. 

Payment and Refund (Status Meds)

Statusmeds adheres to the industry standards when it comes to payment processing and refund. We at Statusmeds make sure that you get what you pay for with our secure payment options. With our SSL-certified website, all your details including the name, shipping address, payment card details, etc., get processed over a secure network so that you get complete protection from any identity theft attack. 

We never share your details with any third-party companies. With Status Meds you can pay using multiple options like COD (Cash on Delivery), Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, or Wire Transfer. We provide multiple payment options so that you never get stuck for your payment or medicine. We also offer telephonic support in case you have any queries regarding payment processing or ordering online. 

In case of refund, we ensure that the customer will get the full refund once we receive the damaged or wrongly delivered product. Before initiating the refund, the customer has to make sure that the product is unopened and unused. Status Meds not only offers ease of payment but also makes sure that in case of any wrong delivery you get a full refund.

Refund Clauses

Statusmeds offers the best price for generic medicines online with the promise of timely and safe delivery. While our team of professionals handles each order with the same endeavour and utmost care, sometimes the parcel may get damaged due to uncontrollable conditions during transit. While we make sure that you get your medicines intact, in case the parcel is damaged or deformed, a customer can claim a refund for the same. 

We provide the flexibility to reorder the medicine or to get a full refund directly into the bank account of the customer with ease.


In case you have not received your order in the stipulated time frame due to any reasons, we make sure you get the same on an urgent basis with our faster delivery mechanism. Because each generic medicine is unique and important, we make sure you get the delivery before the aforementioned time. 

Your order may get delayed due to any natural calamities or other reasons, in such case we reship the order on an urgent basis. If misdelivery happens, then, also we provide the option to either reship or refund. 

Cancellation Policy

Status Meds not only makes promises but also delivers on them. We make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the rate and quality of the medicines. Because we directly procure the medicines from the manufacturer, there is no chance of any adulteration or fake medicines. 

However, the order may get automatically canceled if the medicine is not in stock or there’s a sensible reason. The delivery of the medicines is subject to availability of the same. In case you are not satisfied with the medicine and its result, you can always share your valuable feedback with us.

Buy from Status Meds online today and get your generic medicines at an affordable rate.