What Causes Pain in the Lower Left Back and How to Treat It?

Lower Left Back and How to Treat It - Status Meds

Back pain is a common complaint among most of us, which is why we often do not worry about it. Most people find that their back pain is relieved after a good night’s rest or a casual stroll after a long day of desk work.

If the pain persists, we have the provision to use oral pain-relieving pills such as Pain O Soma or go for balms and gels which can be bought over the counter to treat back pain.

Back pain is not something that occurs without an underlying cause, and if you have regular backaches with the sensation of pain becoming worse with time, then perhaps it is time to look deep into the cause of the back pain.

Some people experience localized pain in the lower left back above their buttocks, and there are certain severe conditions that are linked with pain in such a specific area.

Sacroiliac Joints Dysfunction

The symptom of sacroiliac joint dysfunction is caused in either one or both of the sacroiliac joints between the pelvis and the spine and is marked by inflammation and is known as Sacroiliitis.

Lower back pain and pain around the buttocks is a symptom of sacroiliitis, and it can become even more painful if a person stands for long hours or lifts a lot of weight on the side of the back which pains.

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The strain on the Back Muscles

When we do an intense physical activity such as lifting, pushing, or pulling something heavy, then it may put sudden excessive pressure on the back muscles.

It can happen while you work or are out trekking or even when you are lifting weights in the gym or practicing a yoga pose beyond your level of expertise.

There are certain accidents or injuries which can also cause muscle sprain and all these factors together may have a common symptom which is pain on the left side of the lower back or pain on both sides of the back.

Complications with the Kidney

If your kidneys are malfunctioning or there is an infection then you may experience various systems of it, and back pain on one or both sides can be an indicator of kidney infection.

Kidney stone is also a condition in which there is a build-up of waste into the kidney which has accumulated into big stones that cause a lot of pain for the person including intense back pain.


We have a nerve in our body that lies between the lower back, goes through the buttocks, and then runs to the back of our legs, known as the sciatic nerve.

When this nerve is pressurized, or pressed hard, or squeezed at any of the body parts through which it passes, then there arise complications such as weakness or numbness of the legs, pain in the lower back and legs, which are all symptoms of Sciatica.

The pain caused due to Sciatica is usually experienced only in one part of the body, and your back pain combined with the weakness of your legs may be an indicator that there is some issue with your sciatic nerve.


Osteoarthritis is a well-known condition and earlier it was assumed to impact only the people who are past their prime years, but recently, there have been reports of osteoarthritis symptoms in younger age groups as well.

The cartilage that lies within the vertebrae begins to separate and crack apart when a person suffers from osteoarthritis, and when people who suffer from this condition walk for a while, they experience pain in their lower back.

Lower back pain in the left, as well as the right area of your back, is a common and chronic symptom of osteoarthritis and it can only be managed with the use of regular dosage of medications like Pain O Soma 350 mg for pain relief.

These are some conditions that have pain in the left side of the lower back as a common symptom, but back pain alone is not enough to determine if you or someone in your care is undergoing complications pertaining to these conditions.

You will have to discuss other symptoms you are experiencing along with your back pain with your doctor to confirm if any of these conditions may be the root cause behind it.

If you have had an accident or sustained a recent physical injury, you may experience lower back pain as a symptom, and even pregnancy can be causing your back pain.

Some women also experience back pain during their periods or as a symptom of their premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and back pain experienced during pregnancy may often occur regularly as you progress in your term, and may even become severe during the last months of your pregnancy due to the growing weight of the child.

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Treatments options Available for Relieving Pain in the Left Side of the Lower Back

If you have suffered from occasional back pain on the left side of your lower back, you will know that sleeping in a better position or walking or adequate rest will make the pain go away without any direct interference from you.

If it persists, you can hop into your nearby pharmacy store and ask for over-the-counter pain-relieving oral pills or topical pain-relieving gels or creams.

If you suffer from a chronic condition which forces you to deal with regular episodes of severe back pain then you may ask your doctor if you may require a regular prescription such as Pain O Soma 500 mg for getting swift relief from your back pain.

If you are using prescribed medications and need regular refills for your chronic back pain then there are various online pharmacy stores such as Status Meds which you may want to check out.

Most cases of back pain can be easily managed with the help of oral medications, but if it persists and the oral pills cannot offer relief to the patient, then doctors may decide to inject steroids into their body to help them with their pain.

In extremely rare cases, a person may have to go for surgery to get relief from the pain they feel in the left side of their lower back and it can prove to be an intensive as well as expensive treatment.

Apart from medical treatments, people may also want to explore alternative options such as acupuncture and massages for getting relief from back pain but the results for back pain relief often vary from one individual to another when it comes to these treatments.

Of course, we are all free to try home remedies such as hot water bottles or ice-cube rubs if they help in managing the back pain better.

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