How to Treat Back Pain and Get Relief from it?

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When a person experiences the sensation of pain in the lower back pain, then we often refer to it as back pain, but it is also known as lumbago in medical terms.

It is not a disorder or disease, but an indicator of other disorders, diseases, or complications with body parts such as the spine, nerves, ligaments, muscles as well as kidneys.

Almost everyone suffers through back pain occasionally and most cases of back pain do not require any intensive medical treatment such as surgery but can be remedied with the help of oral medications such as Pain o Soma for quick relief.

As almost everyone experiences back pain at some point in their life, and there are certain conditions that cause chronic or re-occurring back pain, we have a variety of medications and treatments available at our disposal to get relief from it.

Let’s Go Through the Most Common Treatment of Back Pain Briefly:

Oral Medicines:

When it comes to getting relief from pain, we often turn to painkillers as our first attempt at relieving pain back, and there are a variety of over-the-counter back pain pills that we can buy at our convenience.

There are also medications such as Pain O Soma 350 mg which doctors prescribe to people dealing with regular back pain associated with chronic conditions.

There are different varieties of oral pills that can be utilized for your back pain treatment, and your doctor will prescribe you the type that shows the potential to offer you quick and assured relief. Several distinct pain-relieving oral medicines are additionally available at online pharmacy stores such as Status Meds, recognized for their prompt services and high-grade medications.

Topical Ointments, Gels, and Creams:

We are not alien to the use of ointments for pain relief and we must have at least one balm, cream, or ointment that we use for relieving pain by rubbing or applying it on the lower pain for relief. These pain-relief gels and creams for back pain relief are often available over-the-counter and can be bought at every pharmacy store.


If your back pain becomes severe and interferes with your daily life, and you are not able to get any relief even after long use of oral medications and rubs do not work for you, then your doctor may give you injections containing pain-relieving steroids for relief.


A very rare number of people suffering from back pain due to extremely severe conditions may require surgery as most cases of back pain can be managed with ease with the use of oral pills such as Pain O Soma 500 mg.

Surgical treatment for back pain is often more expensive than all the other types of medical treatments offered, but they are rarely required in the majority of cases.

These are the medical treatments that are currently available for us for getting relief from mild, moderate as well as severe back pain, and doctors often recommend them for effective treatment and management of our back pain.

But these are not the only things that are tried, used, and recommended when it comes to back pain-relieving treatments. There is a horde of alternative ways to get relief from temporary as well as chronic back pain.

Alternative (Non-Medical) Treatments for Back Pain Relief:


We all have heard about acupuncture, and the various benefits that it offers and there are many famous people who swear by its positive impact on their bodies.

There are many certified practitioners of this ancient Chinese physical therapy which involves the insertion of tiny needs in different points of our body to offer us relief from a variety of issues, one of which is chronic back pain.

If you have faith in alternative medications and treatments, and you have access to a reliable and certified acupuncturist, then you may try acupuncture for getting rid of your pain. Many people who have tried acupuncture for back pain report that their pain becomes less severe after a session of acupuncture and often becomes mild after multiple sessions.


Massages are among the most common relaxing and pain-relieving treatments that we use in our day-to-day life. Unlike acupuncture, even an amateur or a family member can give you a massage and you can reap its benefits in form of back pain relief.

If you want to try massage treatment at home, all you need is some balm, or ointment and a person to massage it on your pain. If you do not have an ointment at hand, you can also use warm coconut oil for the very same purpose.

There are also professionals who can massage your body and relieve the tension from different parts of your body and make you feel much lighter and relaxed which helps with your back pain for sure.

But pain-relief that occurs as a result of massages is often temporary and you may need to have regular sessions for long-term results with back pain.


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Habits that Prevent Back Pain and Relive already existing Back Pain:

Rest & Sleep

There are days when we join a new yoga class, or take up a sport or put our body in a position that puts a continuous strain on our back which may result in back pain.

In such cases, some rest and sleep are the best remedies to deal with the added strain on your back.

Even when you are taking up a new exercise regime, make sure that you take up weights and explore various exercise poses one step at a time as sudden action to do it all at once may put you at risk of chronic pain.

Physical Activity:

One of the most common yet ignored causes of back pain is sitting for long hours without any other physical activities in between. We have our desk jobs and a variety of gadgets to blame for our sedentary life, but if we make only a few minor changes in our life, we will have the upper hand.

First of all, set timers to remind you to stand up and move around after every 40-50 minutes while you are at work. Nowadays, we have various smartwatches that are set to remind us to move around, or we may even download mobile applications which offer similar services.

Once you start getting regular physical movement and change your posture every 40-50 minutes, you will notice that your body does not feel as tensed as it did before, and you will experience less strain on your pain which will directly reduce the episodes of back pain that you experience.

When you are at home, you can practice exercises and yoga poses which are specifically suggested to relieve and strengthen your back muscles so that you are ready for future strains on your back.

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