Headache and Pain at the Back of Head: How to Treat?

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We are here to bet that there’s isn’t a single person alive today that hasn’t had at least one headache in their life. Headaches, especially with pain in the forehead area are one of the most common discomforts that we face in our life as far as our health is concerned.

Most of the time, they are mild and go away after a while, sometimes they become severe a pain-killer may be required for getting rid of a persistent headache.

If a headache occurs with pain in the back of the head, then it can often make the person go through a severe sensation of pain which can often make them feel restless and even disturb their work or any task that they have at hand.

Today we are especially talking about headaches that occur in combination with pain in the back of the head, let’s get to know about their causes.

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Bad Posture or Wrong Positioning of the body and Head

We live in times where we have a casual environment at most of the places we work or visit which has lessened the need to maintain a definite posture of our body which was a must in the past.

Due to this, we have become prone to slouching or standing, or sitting and moving in a manner that does nothing for our posture or makes our body feel unaligned, which results in tension in those parts such as shoulders, head, and neck.

Continuous practice of bad posture often results in headaches and a thudding pain at the back of the skull for a person.


Migraine headaches are recurring headaches occurring due to the condition of migraine, and the pain can be often felt at the left side of the head in most cases, but it can all occur at both sides, including the back of the head.

It is a chronic condition that often causes headaches that move from one side of the head to the back and circle back to the start, and they can become more intense in pain with time.

They do not have any cure as of now, but there are many oral pills such as Pain O Soma that can be used for managing the pain better, as migraine headaches can often make a person withdraw from the tasks at hand due to the severity of the pain.

Excessive Mental Stress or Physical Tension on the Head

If you are stressed a lot and do not have any outlet to release your mental stress then it can manifest itself in form of throbbing headaches and pain in the back of the head. Often sleep, or relaxing activities relieve the pain caused due to excessive mental stress.

Similarly, if you are carrying a heavy burden on your head for a continuous number of hours or minutes, then it can cause tension at the neck and often make your head and back of your head pain and you may even feel that your head is about to burst open due to the crippling headache.


There are different types of arthritis such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and there are various symptoms of it, and they include intense throbbing headaches along with pain at the back of the skull which becomes even more intense when a person is making any physical movement such as walking or running.

Headaches and the pain in the back of the head which is associated with the different types of arthritis need regular treatments which may include oral pain-relief pills such as Pain O Soma 350 mg and topical treatments so that the person can live a normal life and continue things such as work or school or other tasks in their daily life.

These are some of the causes of headaches accompanied by pain in the head and you will also suffer from headaches and pain in the back of your head and skull if your head has been struck with a heavy object or if you had a head injury while playing, driving or escaping an accident-prone area or zone.

What are the Treatments to Choose from for Getting Rid of Headache and Pain at the Back of the Head?

Pain Balms and Rubs:

There are many varieties of pain balms and rubs that we have in the market, and seeing how common headaches are, there is a high possibility that you have at least one of them available at your home.

These balms and rubs are available at most local pharmacy stores as over-the-counter products for relieving headaches ranging from mild to moderate degrees of pain.

Oral medicines:

There are a variety of over-the-counter oral pills that you must have used in your life for getting quick relief from a throbbing and unexpected headache.

Many people carry around such over-the-counter pain killers for treating a headache and the pain associated with it at the back of the head, and for most cases, these medicines work fine for them.

But if the headache persists or if it is associated with a chronic condition then getting a more specific pain-relieving treatment such as headache and pain in the back of the skull identified as muscle tension can be treated quickly with medications specifically prescribed for the treatment of muscle tension such Pain O Soma 500 mg.

You may find a range of pain-relieving pills if you ask your doctor for it, or you can even check out your local pharmacy store and inquire about effective headache relief pills. You can even get refills of your medications online from online pharmacy stores such as Status Meds if you suffer from chronic headaches and pain in the back portion of the head, and need regular refills of pills at a pocket-friendly price.

Cause-Specific Treatments for Headache and the Pain 

When the prime cause of reoccurring headaches and the pain at the posterior of the head is identified, then treatments are aimed to reverse, treat or cure that main condition to eliminate the pain or decrease their frequency.

For instance, we have various people trying Botox for the treatment of migraine which relaxes the muscles around the forehead and decreases the number along with the severity of the pain associated with the occurring headaches.

People who have had head injuries are prescribed medications to heal up the injuries and wounds so that the pain becomes mild and is completely gone with time.

Most cases of headaches are nothing that requires worry if they are mild or pass away within an hour at most, but persistent and regular headaches are definitely something that you should discuss and inform your prime health caretaker about so that any underlying severe conditions can be identified and treated in time accordingly.

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